headliner: LEAETHER STRIP (Taani / Denmark)

Jah, see on nii, et festivali peaesinejaks on EBM / electro industriali suurnimi LEAETHER STRIP, tähistamas oma 30ndat lavajuubelit. Kõik need aastad on LEAETHER STRIP inspireerinud noori bände ja ka praegu on tegemist oma zhanri bändidest ühe produktiivseima ja tihedaima esinemisgraafikuga.
LEAETHER STRIPi kontserdid energeetilised ja kaasa haaravad. Seda lihtsalt peab kogema!

LEAETHER STRIP is the solo-project of Danish electronic industrial artist Claus Larsen. Formed in 88, and quickly signed by the legendary German Electro Label Zoth Ommog in 1989, LEAETHER STRIP quickly built a buzz as one of the most exciting emerging acts in Europe in the early 90’s. Leæther Strip has been and still is a big inspiration to many of todays younger acts and is still one of the most productive and most busy live acts in the scene. Leæther Strip concerts are always highly energeic and aggresive. 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Leæther Strip and a world tour to follow.



Hea meel on festivali esinejana välja kuulutada Hispaania elektroindustriaali raskesuurtükk LARVA, kes tuleb ja paugutab Venevere selstimaja maast laeni energiat täis. Larva plaadid on saanud kriitikutelt suurepäraseid hinnanguid, bänd on oodatud esineja nii Euroopa kui ka USA /Mehhiko festivalilavadel ja kogunud ainuüksi facebookis ligikaudu 50000 fänni.

The project was born on 1998, by the hand of InqUesT and Blackend with the name ‘Morbid Mind’.
With experimenter feel and focused towards electro-industrial sounds; they self-produce some tapes that are distributed by his circle of friendship, without major impact.

On the year 2003, this time in solitary and with renewed forces, InqUesT gives a new course to the project, changing his name to ‘Larva’. Due to the technical, social and ideological changes in the band. Now more involved in social topics and with a more powerful sound; more noises and hardness, without losing an apex of his darkness.

In the beginning of 2006 the formation had enriched by the contribution of two new members (M.L. and Anoxia).
That give more complex and diverse compositions, and more hard and full of energy live shows.

The first record contract arrives with the CD ‘Diogenes Syndrome’ under Komblok Records (; who distributes the album in digipack format towards USA and Europe.

The year 2007 starts with the new band’s album ‘Autosectarismo’; self-produced; and distributed worldwide.

At year 2008 Larva signs with Advoxya Records ( for the release of ‘Voces del laberinto’; that has been masterized by Jan (X-Fusion, Noisuf-X, etc.).
The cd will include two videos as a bonus tracks.

At year 2009 Larva releases under Advoxya Records the fourth CD ‘The hated’; following this, the band starts ‘The Hated Mexican Tour 09’.
During 20 days and in a lot of Mexican cities (DF, Puebla, Toluca, Tehuacan, Tijuana, etc), Larva was playing a lot of live shows; with great reviews in the media.
The same year, Alfa-Matrix releases the compilation Endzeit Bunkertracks V with the Larva’s song ‘Come with me’.
Larva remixes Unter Null in their new CD ‘Moving on’

On 2010, Larva launches the remix CD ‘Entre agujas’ under Advoxya Records again.
A lot of friends of the band collaborate in the creative process of this album, like (Asseptic Room, Tech Nomader, Extinction Front, Deadjump, etc).
Then another USA/Mexico Tour came again. This time, 35 days and a lot of great live shows; including Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

On April of 2011 Larva launches under the label Danse Macabre Records ( their work called ‘Und sie aßen sich selbst’.
With this work Larva enters on the GEWC german charts.
In June of the same year, the band re-edits as a limited edition the remastered and reworked version of their two first CD’s (‘Diogenes Syndrome’ and ‘Autosectarismo’ on CDBOX format under the label Mutant-e Records.
After that the third USA/Mexico tour start. And again 22 days of great live shows came.

In august of 2012 Larva releases their new work ‘Broken hopes of a wasted youth’ under Advoxya Records(, as a very limited box, with the CD, DVD, remixes CD, 7″ vinyl, wallpaper, tshirt and a few surprises.
With this box, Larva enters again in the GEWC German charts.
After that, another USA/Mexico tour come, visiting cities like San Diego, Tijuana, Los Angeles, DF, Orizaba, etc.

In August of 2013 Larva releases ‘Where the butterflies go to die’ under Advoxya Records; as a limited editios (including CD, remixes CD and a DVD).
For the promotion of the álbum, Larva starts a tour; visiting countries like Germany, USA, Mexico, Russia, France, Belgium, and Spain.
The CD is very well reviewed in magazines and specialized websites.

In 2014, due to the 10 years of the Larva existence, the compilation ‘The worst of… 2004-2014’ is published.
A compilation of the most charismatic songs of the band, during all these years.
Released under Advoxya Records, in a special format for the followers, including a 7″ vinyl.

In 2015, Larva releases under Advoxya Records again, the álbum ‘Abominations’; on at Cd format, DVD format and 12″ red color vinyl.
This álbum is reviewed as one of the best Works of the band; in composition and production.

2017 starts with the release of ‘Scars’. In two different editions; double 12″ vinyl and CD. All the reviews about that album are really positive!

In 2018 the growing fan base in Russia is getting bigger every day. Because of that, a Russian label (Scent Air Records) is really interested in release new material. So then ‘The sun has set over Russia’ is released as a CD format, by Scent Air Records in collaboration with Advoxya Records.
Is a compendium of the ‘hit’s of the band, and two completely new songs.


GAS OF LATVIA (Läti /Latvia)

Andris Indans on olnud helilooja ja muusikaprodutsendina aktiivne juba hilistest 80ndatest. Ta on avaldanud erinevate plaadifirmade alt üle 10 albumi, mis kõik kannavad omamoodi vaibi ja on erinevate saundidega, miskides omavahel ja lülitudes ümber erinevatele stiilidele nagu IDM, ambient, drone, noise, industrial, techno ja igasugused etnilised kribinaid-krõbinaid.
Gas Of Latvia on üks kõige tähelepanuväärsemaid eksperimentaalse elektroonilise muusika projekte Lätis. Gas of Latvia on näiteks ka Tricky’ga lava jaganud.
Pandivere Muusikafestivalil astub Gas of Latvia üles uue, koos videokuntsniku Zane Zelemenega spetsiaalselt festivali rajumateks tantsudeks mõeldud audivisuaalse programmiga.
Music producer and composer Andris Indans has been an active musician since the late 80s; his project Gas of Latvia is one of the most significant experimental electronic music projects from Latvia.
Gas of Latvia have recorded and released over 10 studio albums, each of them having a different vibe and sound – swithing it up from drone, noise, IDM to industrial music and techno, but still keeping their signature sound. Andris Indans is also writing music for films, video works, dance & theatre performances.
At Pandivere festival Gas of Latvia will perform new audiovisual program for heavy dancefloors with videoartist Zane Zelmene.




Randolph’s Grin on suurepärane USA /Austria naisvokaaliga elektroonilise muusika duo. Eestisse jõuavad nad esmaskordselt oma tänavuse Euroopa tuuri raames. Bändi debüütalbum “Melt” nägi ilmavalgust 1997 ja seni viimane “Intent” eelmise aasta teises pooles.
Nende hoogsas ja tantsulises elektroonilises muusikas põimuvad erinevad stiilid sündipopist darkwave´ini ja mis sina vahele ja ümber parasjagu juhtub jääma.

Randolph’s Grin is great US/Austrian electro/dark wave duo.
Band is coming to Estonia for the first time. Their debut album “Melt” saw the daylight 1997 and the latest one “Intent” came out the last year.
Synth pop – dark wave – electro… you name it.


AUS TEARS (Soome / Finland)
Aus Tears on 2013. aastal alguse saanud synth-punki /minimal wave esitav Soome duo. 2014. aastal lindistasid nad Berliinis DEVAI nime all nelja looga demo “Primordial”, mis tänaseks on läbi müüdud. 2016 aastal muutis duo nime ja AUS TEARS on nüüd erinevatel festivalidel ja kontserditel populaarsust kogunud ja tõusuteel. Bänd on oma esimese kauamängiva viimistlemisega lõpusirgel, seega kohe-kohe on oodata uut materjali.

This project started between Tampere and Helsinki in autumn 2013 as duo playing synths and drum machine + vocals.
In spring 2014 were recorded 4 songs, in Berlin, by using a multi track recorder, out of those tracks was released with the name DEVAI “Primordial” demo cd (sold out). In the beginning of 2016 DEVAI turns into AUS TEARS. Now they working with new album material.




Cly/Suva(Eesti/ Estonia)

Cly/Suva viib kuulajad kaasa meloodilisele rännakule läbi erinevate elektroonilise muusika žanrite, olles kord tantsulisem ja siis jällegi mõtlikult melanhoolsem, taustaks lummusesse haarav originaalne videopilt. Cly/Suva’le omane käekiri on hõljuv atmosfäär ja jõulised bassiliinid- instrumentaalmuusika oma parimas kuues. Enne sooloartistina alustamist oli Suva tegev industrial-duo Morgue’s Last Choice koosseisus.
Cly/Suva exploring the depths of experimental melodic electronic music. Dark and melancholic atmospheres complete with slow and heavy beats. This music will take you to a journey through different genres and feelings which have been haunting the artist..


HAPE (Eesti / Estonia)
Festivali öötantsude moodulis esinev HAPE on geniaalse helidevõluri Taavi Tulevi ilmselt kõige rajum projekt. Taavi Tulev tegeleb muusikaga, millele ühte tabavat silti külge kleepida oleks lootusetu. Mitmekülgses ja kohati veidras kõlapildis on oluline roll analoogtehnikal ja loodussalvestustel. Lisaks oma nimele ja HAPPELE on Taavi kasutanud näiteks pseudonüüme Wochtzchée, Laulan Sinule ja 3He. Ta on avaldanud muusikat mitmetel albumitel ja kogumikel, ka piiri taga. Peale enda muusika on Taavi produtseerinud ka teiste artistide loomingut (meisterjaan, Barbariz).
Inseneriharidusega Taavi Tulev alustas 2009. aastal elektronmuusikaõpinguid Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemias.
Taavi on korraldanud poolsalajasi metsafestivale ja korraldanud Ariel Pinki esimese esinemise Eestis.
Igapäevast leiba teenib ta kujundades kohandatud helimaastikke arhitektuursetele ruumidele – nii sise- ja välisruumidesse kui ka maastikele. Taavi tuntuim tööalane saavutus on ERMi uude hoonesse projekteeritud maailma suurim kõrgtehnoloogiline heliinstallatsioon – soome-ugri näituse heliinstallatsioon, mis laotub ligikaudu 1000 ruutmeetrile, kasutab 140-kanalilise heli edastamiseks 126 kõlarit.

HAPE’s music can be described as ‘braindance with shifted pop-elements’ – ambient patterns are built up using irregular esthetics thus creating a beautiful techno symphony. HAPE is made with analog and some digital synthesizers from 80s and 90s. HAPE – Hypnotizing, pulsating and unnatural compositions are meant for both – mind and body. HAPE (-acid in Estonian)
HAPE is the project of Taavi Tulev:
His everyday work is designing custom soundscapes for architectural spaces – for interior, exterior or even landscapes. His biggest work is sound installation in the newly-opened Estonian National Museum in Tartu, Estonia offers on top of fascinating new world-class architecture and a very contemporary take on exhibitions, an unexpected treat for people looking for excellent audio experiences. “Echo of the Urals”, the permanent exhibition of the museum focussed on introducing all the Northern Finno-Ugric cultures, boasts an interactive sound installation that is likely the largest in the world. Spreading over 1000 square metres, the installation uses 126 speakers to transmit 140 different audio channels.
Creating soundscapes is a symbiosis of those two different fields of work. Taavi’s ultimate goal is to make urban environments sound better.